As bad as we are in telling bedtime stories, we are in writing bio’s. As a result:
* If you want to know when we were born and if we are related, you can drop us a line at:
* If you want to know what we sound like, you’d better pressed the player at the top of this page…
* If you don’t have any headphones nearby and find yourself in a public library (or somewhere similar) you can press here to get a glimpse of the action.
* If you where hoping to read a nice story, you’ll be better off here.
* If you booked us (yeah!) and you need some promotional text, then you might want some additional words. People will ask: what are B&d’A about? And then you’ll need to answer. We like to describe it like this:

    Buchner & d’Arles make “a lot of sound”. Some say, this sound is the result of the clash between Mr. Buchner and Mr. d’Arles. Others will tell you it’s the uncompromised merging of two extremes into an unreliable concoction.

    Buchner & d’Arles combine danceable house beats and those typical grooves from minimal with the soiled sound of electro and rock. B&d’A naturally merge the German tech-sound with soulful French house, but it feels like Elsas-Lotering all over again. They do not like cooked carrots.

Any suggestions to better describe our music can always be sent to:

Furthermore, there isn’t much to tell (yet!), thanks for listening.