March 12th, 2010

Tonight’s the night, first gig @ 3VOOR12 Breda. This is the start before we really kick off at Paradiso next sunday. We worked our asses off the last couple of weeks, but it was worth it. And we couldn’t have done it alone! We’d like to thank all that came out to our promo shoot and those who were involved, especially: Bammes (this guy did it again!). And we can’t forget the heavy weight lifters here @ Boulevard. Pushing those plasma’s up the stairs like a couple of mad guys. Yet again our Bammes came to the rescue!

At the moment, we’re drinking some wine and listening to soul music. At 1h00 we bang, heavy metal basses and beats up your ass!

Oh, before we forget, check check some fine promo shizzle:

Hey, our sexy driver just arrived. We can call her Lies :)