HL&S in stores

March 17th, 2010

Since last monday our EP is available at your favorite download shop.
Click on the artwork to buy at iTunes for only 1,99 (3 tracks!).

Hook, Line & Sinker EP

All tracks written, arranged, produced and performed by Buchner & d’Arles.
Except for vocals on Creepin’, performed by Sonny Wilson.
Recorded at Lastmannen Music in Hilversum. Except for vocals on Creepin’, recorded at ‘the old house’ in Huizen.
Engineered and mixed by Buchner & d’Arles.
Mastering by Paul Matthijs Lombert at the mastering factory Eindhoven.
All songs copyright 2010 Roquefort Music / Buchner & d’Arles.
Artwork: Niels Ballemans.
Very special thanks go out to:
Jasper, Kai, Richard, Niels J, Maarten, Bram, Bear, Hans K, Jeroen v I, Joep, the guys at Kontor & United, Spinvis, and our family & friends. Thank you all for your help, support and thoughts.