Special gig @ CS A’dam

May 28th, 2010

For the last 10 years Rocket Cinema has been organising film/music events in Amsterdam. Maintaining the formula: “old films new music” they ask performers to make their own and unique soundtrack for old and/or classic movies. For the upcoming edition during Nuit Blanche we are invited to make a new soundtrack for the 1967 crime film ROBBERY by Peter Yates.
In short 30 min sets several movies will have new soundtracks added to them, performed by DJ Scurio, Celeste, JP, Dirk Diggler, Celine Cairo, Bird on the Wire, DVJ Luxxx, Quartier Mustach and of course Buchner & d’Arles. They all have one thing in common; all movies involve trains. Therefore the unique location of this event will be the old waiting room of Amsterdam Central Station.

Sat 19 June Rocket Cinema Nuit Blanche
Old Waiting Room Platform 2 Amsterdam Central Station
Entrance Stationsplein near the taxi stand.
No tickets needed.