Digital support

October 9th, 2008

Hi there! For some of you it might look like B&d’A has neglected their digital selves, but in fact we are more alive then ever! Loads of people are getting to know our music through our Hyves profile. In fact, a digital fanclub has been born thanks to two fans. Thanks, we love you for that.
We have uploaded a new video, which gives you a short impression of our new live set. We have been busy programming & writing software which enables us to be more flexible in remixing our songs live. We did some unannounced gigs and are rehearsing like mad, trying to realize an instant-out-of-your-body-experience. Beeldend Kabaal is helping us out with that. We are amazed by the results so far and hope you will be too. Furthermore, new tracks are forming rapidly. We are sleeping with our headphones on, redecorated the studio, learning all about what kind of effect eating pizza all week has on the human body and recently discovered that the sofa in the studio is one of worst places to get a good night sleep. Just so you know. We will keep you updated more often thru our ’dot com’ but be sure to check our Hyves and Myspaceprofiles from time to time. In the meantime our music is available on several sites, if you have a request or questions please drop us a line at one of our sites or email.